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Hard-Wearing Maximum Performance:
HÜBERS’ Vacuum Mixing And Metering Systems For The Electrical Industry.

Vacuum-Epoxy-System For Cast-Resin Transformers

In spite of the use of abrasive fillers, this system operates with a high level of availability and requires virtually no maintenance. The cast-resin transformers are cast fully automatically first under vacuum and then under pressure, the complete process being microprocessor-controlled. The system uses a preformulated multi-component resin with quartz powder as filler. Ceramic metering pumps able to stand up to the abrasive filler are driven by synchronously running brushless servomotors.

Electronic online control of the metering as well as of the overall process for constant casting quality. High performance degassing units for optimum degassing with materials of all viscosities for both continuous and discontinuous processes.

Vacuum mixing and metering system for the production of superconducting magnets in magnetic-resonance tomographs.

Demands to be met by the cast part:

High mechanical strength and fracture toughness at - 269 °C.

Three chambers for casting under vacuum followed by application of pressure.

Each mould group loaded into the casting chamber can be identified by barcode
Compact Solutions by HÜBERS
Size doesn't matter – our Compact Solution offers the complete range of process engineering technologies in mixing and dosing. With its flexibility it es the perfect solution for small and medium lot production.

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