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Innovation for product quality and process efficiency:
SVT® — Silicone Vacuum Treatment — HÜBERS’ new technology
for silicone casting.

Isolator   The elimination of air voids in the finished product represents a great challenge in the production of hollow insulators made of silicone. Previous, conventional manufacturing practice was unable to reliably guarantee a void-free product, although this is an important quality factor for insulators.

SVT® Silicone Vacuum Treatment is the procedure that from the outset safely guarantees process reliability in the production of absolutely void-free insulators.

In addition to preventing potential warranty costs, the SVT® approach — the prevention of air voids right at the beginning of the process — also makes it possible to break new ground in the overall production process — with great efficiency and resultant cost benefits (see right).
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SVT® - Silicone Vaccum Treatment

SVT® - Silicone Vaccum Treatment   Procedure

With SVT® the components are pre-evacuated instead of entering into the process unprepared by way of a simple drum dispensing device, as was previously usual. The hardware used for this purpose consists of a vacuum mixing and dosing system and two containers that can be evacuated, each with a dosing pump.
Continuous, uninterrupted processing

Continuous, uninterrupted filling of the static mixer is guaranteed by means of forced conveyance through dosing pumps. In addition, the patented dosing control unit DCU checks the pressure in the feed pipes — thus eliminating mixing errors and air voids. Downstream is a mass plunger which when the mould is full maintains a constant, adjustable pressure on the mass feed to the casting valves. It also allows constant mass flow during mould filling. Optionally, the SVT® vacuum mixing and dosing system can also include the use of all the latest state-of-the-art processes and devices for silicone processing, e.g. pre-heating of components and reactive composite due to heated containers and pipes.

SVT® - Silicone Vaccum Treatment

Clean approach — better overall process

The basis of SVT® is the complete prevention of air voids at the very start of the process. This also means that subsequent production stages are relieved of the task of preventing air voids. The result is a complete chain of potential savings which allows the whole manufacturing process to be structured considerably more economically than in conventional processes. For example, due to the pre-evacuation of components only around half of the clamping force is now required for mould filling.

SVT® - Silicone Vaccum Treatment

Therefore, instead of the previously required steel mould, a less expensive aluminium alloy can now be used as the mould material. Due to the lower specific heat capacity and greater thermal conductivity of aluminium, economical electric heating is sufficient to produce the required temperature sequence during manufacturing, thus replacing more expensive, energy-intensive water heating.

Due to the lower internal pressure in the mould, very little excess material is now generated. Accordingly, the necessary reworking to remove flash is very considerably reduced.

More information is available in our current brochure >> download pdf (608 KB)

  SVT - Silicone Vacuum Treatment von HÜBERS


Components can be used
in all container sizes, including 1,000 l Ecobulk/IBC

No discontinuity due to changing containers — independent of mixing

Uninterrupted mixer filling

Use of less expensive clamping machines,
moulds and mould
heating systems

Lower energy consumption

Considerably less reworking

Filler materials can be added

Shorter mould opening
times and extended
potlife with optional heatable/coolable version
of containers, pipes,
mixer and mass plunger

  Can you still afford
to produce without SVT®?

SVT® - Silicone Vaccum Treatment