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For The Precise Casting Of Smallest Quantities:
Micro-Casting Systems From HÜBERS.

Our micro casting systems ensure that your production reliably meets the particularly high demands regarding casting precision and geometry.

Accuracy: Absolutely error-free casting of the smallest quantities; casting quantity tolerance less than 0.01 g.

Flexibility: Suitable also for highly filled, abrasive casting resins under vacuum or atmosphere.

Motion: Freely programmable casting trajectory for three-dimensional casting geometry.

Control: Patented dosing control unit for plant and process monitoring; glass cylinder design allows direct observation of the preparation process.

Micro-Casting System by HÜBERS

Micro-Casting System by HÜBERS
Micro-Casting System by HÜBERS
  micro von HÜBERS

Motion Casting and
Casting Trajectory

From simple axis movements up to complex three-dimensional trajectories

CNC programming via Graphical User Interface based on CAD/CAM technology

Interpolation of mathematical functions and tables, linear interpolation

Transfer and adaptation
of trajectories also possible
from drawings and pictures
directly on the control panel

Motion Casting and  Casting Trajectory  Control