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The Basis For Joint Success: Innovation.

In the close cooperation with system users and casting material suppliers, HÜBERS is the pacesetter in the development of new processes and products.

The convincing balance: 100 patents, utility models, and disclosures by HÜBERS.

Milestones Of HÜBERS Innovation.

1960 Vacuum systems for impregnation and cast resin application

1983 Vacuum metering and mixing systems
for the electronic industry and impregnation systems (VPI)
for the entire electrical and electronic industry

3-chamber casting automat

Electronic metering control unit

1984 Ovens and pallet transport systems in addition to casting
systems — supply of complete production lines

Multiple mixing and metering systems

1985 Metering and mixing systems for the electrical industry,
mainly resin cast dry type transformers

1986 Metal impregnation systems for the sealing of porous metal cast parts

1987 Ceramic metering pump

Vacuum drying
and impregnation systems for capacitors

1988 Electronically controlled metering pump drives

Systems for continuous refilling
and degassing of unfilled casting materials

1989 Serpentine conveyor oven

1990 Direct injection for the APG process, especially for highly reactive materials

1991 Shuttle container-based casting material conveying system

Material preparation
and formulation systems
incl. ring pipe as system solution (APG and vacuum casting)

1992 Vacuum metering systems for solid resin materials

Material preparatio
n and formulation systems
for solid resin materials as a 2-component solution

Cemtronic pressure curing system

1993 Vacuum pressure separating slider

1994 Continuous and level controlled impregnation systems for print transformers

Electronic non-return-valve

1996 Clamping machines for the APG process

Flow path microwave-heating for casting systems

1997 Serpentine-lateral-movement conveyor oven

1998 Systems for continuous refilling and degassing of filled casting materials,
application with ECO-Bulk containers

1999 Impeller-flow-path degassing system

Metering and mixing system "COMPACT"
for atmospheric and vacuum casting
in small and medium series

2000 Laser scanning and metering system

Metering and mixing system "MICRO"
, smallest casting quantities
(<5 mg) for atmospheric and vacuum casting

2001 Vacuum filling and rivet-closing systems
for "SuperCap" and "UltraCap" type capacitors

2003 Systems for continuous compounding and preparation
of liquid resin materials with filler materials for the electrical industry

2004 Production line for vacuum impregnation of Al-Mg alloys
incl. part transport with robot handling and waste material recycling

2006 Vacuum mixing and metering system with inlying metering pump for strongly abrasive casting resin masses — highly filled with mineral filler materials

2007 Vacuum formulation, preparation and metering system for different and
variably used casting applications as world wide first central supply unit for
pressure gelation process together with vacuum casting process

2008 Pressure Gelation Process for solid resin systems

2009 SVT® — Silicone Vacuum Treatment, the new procedure for manufacturing absolutely void-free insulators

2012 Automatic Pressure Gelation under vacuum for high-voltage applications

2013 UV-SVT®: Processing of fast-vulcanizing UV-silicones with significantly
reduced cycle times

2014 Vacuum preparation and infusion resp. injection (RIM, RTM) of reactive resin systems with high material throughput for the manufacturing of rotor blades and composite parts

Production of HV cable couplers in evacuated casting molds
with SVT-Technology

2015 HÜBERS provides Tesla with the casting plant for the power control of their first fully electrically driven cars

First SVT system with different forming processes: low pressure injection on clamping machines and automated vacuum casting for the manufacturing of surge arresters

2016 Delivery of the world’s first fully automatic system for the casting of stators for eMobility applications to China

2018 Field trial of the first Polyurethane-Hybrid Wind Rotor Blade manufactured with HÜBERS Vacuum Infusion Technology

2019 Delivery of the first SVT-SAT-Systems



Examples of the many patents granted to HÜBERS:



Metering screw

1992 Multi-casting nozzle

1993 Electronic
metering pump

1994 Electronic
metering drive for multi-nozzles

1996 Ceramic
metering pump

1997 Pressure-curing

2000 Continuous material
preparation and compounding

2003 Vacuum filling and
impregnating of
high-performance capacitors

2009 SVT® — Silicone Vacuum Treatment