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Manufacturing of Composite Components: Fast and Bubble-free
with HÜBERS' Vacuum Direct Infusion Technology V-DIT

HÜBERS Vakuum-Infusion   A new manufacturing technology offers improvement in efficiency and quality in the production of composite components such as wind turbine blades. The key factors of the plant technology developed by HÜBERS are the degassing of the material components in a continuous process as well as the active conveying of the reactive mixture into the mold under vacuum. This avoids bubbles in the finished component and drastically shortens the mold filling time.

The components of the infusion material are continuously drawn from the delivery containers or a storage tank into pre-degassing devices, in which the degassing surface is enlarged and a strong degassing effect is achieved by the vacuum. Subsequently, the components enter separate metering mixers, in which they are homogenized and the degassing is completed. Due to this continuous process, the size of the metering mixers does not depend on the filling quantity of the part to be infused. The components are also mixed continuously by means of a static mixer just before the infusion.

With a very compact design, the HÜBERS system provides any desired quantity of material with constant viscosity and highest mixing quality. The metering mixers have metering pumps, which operate under vacuum and convey the material via the infusion channels to the evacuated lay-up of core layers in the mold. This results in a completely closed infusion system, which prevents bubble formation. During infusion, the feed pressure is monitored by sensors and the metering pumps are controlled automatically in such a way that a constant material pressure of 0.9 bar is maintained in the mould despite the vacuum. At the beginning of the infusion, this results in a very high filling speed and thus, significant decrease in the mold filling time. The speed is reduced towards the end of the infusion by this pressure regulation to ensure bubble-free saturation and impregnation of the core material also in the edges and end portions. It may even approach zero while the mixing ratio is exactly maintained. This ensures maximum filling process reliability.

  V-DIT Vakuum-Direktinfusion von HÜBERS

Resin infusion technology for professionals – pressurized vacuum!
Bubble-free and void-free components by pre-degassing of the material components

Short mold filling times by pumping the material

Compact plant design by continuous processing and mixing of the material, regardless of the component size

Highest process reliability by sensor control of the filling speed