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HÜBERS Impregnation Systems For Every Task.

Comprehensive Know-How In Impregnation System Technology.

Compact impregnation systems with vessels in all required sizes.
Vacuum and vacuum-pressure impregnation (VPI) systems of every type
and for all impregnating media
Vacuum impregnation systems for electrical components, cast metal parts,
refractory products etc.
Vacuum drying and impregnation systems
Atmospheric impregnation systems
Oil impregnation systems



Fully automatic vacuum metal impregnation system with vacuum impregnation vessel, integrated stock vessel and dripping station with centrifuge, washing vessel, flushing vessel and curing vessel with dripping station. The components, held in frames, are conveyed to the individual process stations fully automatically with a lifting harness. Impregnation agent, washing and flushing water are recycled and then led back to the processes. The components are locked in and locked out fully automatically in the upstream loading station and the downstream unloading station respectively.


  Impregnation Systems For Electrical Engineering.

Modularly retrofittable systems for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic series production.

The components hanging down in the pallet are positioned in the reception device on the left and are then moved under the open lid of the impregnation chamber.

The lid is lowered pneumatically and the chamber is closed.
After the chamber has been evacuated, the impregnating agent is sucked into the chamber. An overflow weir in the chamber ensures that the impregnating agent is always at a constant level and prevents the connection contacts from getting wet.
Finally the atmospheric pressure is restored in the chamber, the impregnating agent is drained off and the lid is raised. The pallet is moved out to the right to the dripping-off position.
In order to reduce emissions, this system can also be supplied in an encapsulated version.