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The COMPACT-Series From HÜBERS — The Large-Scale Systems’ Know-How
For Small And Medium Lot Production.

With a unique combination of advantages and features, COMPACT is the cost-efficient, expandable compact solution for absolutely void-free parts: The way to start into perfect casting.

Atmospheric/Vacuum: Metering from vessels optionally either at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum (vacuum down to 1 mbar feasible without any problem)

• casting e.g. at atmospheric pressure via a flexible casting gun
• on a table permitting 2-axial positioning (atmospheric or under vacuum) or
• in a vacuum casting chamber.

Productivity: A dual-plunger pump in each vessel saves time, permits continuous casting without waiting times and gives higher productivity.

Casting quality: COMPACT makes HÜBERS’ vacuum mixing and metering know-how — as practice-proven on large systems — available for optimization of quality with small and medium-sized production lots. Including all advantages of HÜBERS’ large-scale sytems’ metering vessels, metering pump drives and static mixers.

Flexibility: The trolley-mounted compact system can be moved from manufacturing island to manufacturing island.

Technological sustainability: Modular, easy-to-maintain construction; able to be converted to meet new requirements; if necessary, able to be enhanced for filled and abrasive casting materials.

  With COMPACT you can open up attractive niches in the market — primarily in the areas of epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and silicone castings, e.g. of inductive components.