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  Quality Optimization From The Very Start: Storage And Conveyor Systems, Vacuum Compounding And Material Preparation Systems From HÜBERS.

For customers who operate their own preparation and compounding instead of purchasing pre-compound materials, HÜBERS offers all system modules for the quality-optimized material throughput right from the raw materials’ receipt.

  Aufbereitungs- und Formulier-Anlage
  Storage and metering tanks for fillers and pigments in powder form: silo systems, bag emptying cabinets and container systems.

Storage tanks for components in liquid form
such as resins, hardeners, accelerators and flexibilizers.

Conveying and metering systems
for the controlled delivery of the components in powder, granulated and liquid form as well as in highly viscous paste form to the material preparation systems: delivery pumps with dry-running safeguards, electronic metering scales for the continuous controlling and recording of the quantity being delivered.

Vacuum dryers for the preparation of fillers under vacuum and at controlled temperatures with measuring and conveyor systems for the exact delivery of the filler to the vacuum metering mixer.

Continuous and discontinuous material preparation and metering for optimum casting quality.

Melting containers for material delivered in highly viscous or solid form. The transport containers are emptied without any residue or sediment being left in them; melting and material preparation in one operation means the melting oven can be dispensed with.