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Perfect Closing — Clamping Machines For The APG Technology From HÜBERS.

HÜBERS’ automatic clamping machines permit the productivity advantages of APG systems to be fully realized. The whole system as well as the mould are easily accessible. They can be tilted and rotated around various axes. This enables the moulds to be inserted by automatic lifting devices.

The static mixer can be directly docked on to / decoupled from the filling nozzle. The short path with just a small quantity of reactive mass ensures the uniform, homogeneous quality of the cast component and minimizes wastage of material.

Core pullers can be fitted wherever are needed.

Construction withstands rigorous continuous operation and high static loading but at the same time slim, cost-saving design.

The HÜBERS clamping machines can be rapidly retooled for other APG moulds.

With the Universal Clamping Machines HÜBERS also offers a flexible modular system for customer-specific, cost-favourable design.

Starting from the basic model, HÜBERS universal clamping machines can be enhanced and/or expanded — in accordance with the particular market and order situation — to ever more efficient and capable systems.

Prepared for the future: They are adjustable to and can be gradually enhanced for the microprocessor-control of each production step.