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Vacuum Mixing And Metering Systems From HÜBERS For Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG) — Innovative Gelation With Direct Injection.

In contrast to the APG pressure vessel casting process which is still widely used, HÜBERS uses two-component metering with direct injection. In combination with the HÜBERS static mixer and the HÜBERS metering pump technology, the direct injection process opens up new dimensions in terms of quality and economic efficiency.

The APG-process by HÜBERS permits short cycle times thanks to rapid gelation and demoulding with automatic opening and closing of the mould. During the gelling process, fresh material is supplied continuously to the mould under pressure in order to prevent cracks and voids and to compensate for the shrinkage of the material. The mould is held together by the clamping machine.

The degassed material is injected into the APG mould directly from the static mixer. Shrinkage compensation is carried out by the HÜBERS metering pumps. One central mixing and metering system can serve several clamping machines. In this case each clamping machine has its own static mixer positioned directly in front of the mould and also has its own shrinkage compensation unit to maintain the pressure. The system is supplied via a ring line which requires no maintenance and is free of sedimentation. In principle the length of this line is insignificant.


Faster and more productive: centralized supply for several clamping machines.
Advantages of HÜBERS’ direct injection.

Uniform material and product quality thanks to constant reactivity, constant temperature and constant viscosity of the material. No sedimentation of fillers anywhere in the system.

Shorter production cycles with shorter clamping times. The system can be run with significantly higher mixing temperatures.

Can also be used for highly reactive epoxy resins or polyurethane.

Exactly maintained and reproducible process parameters which can be checked online, ensure uniform quality.

Lower expenditure for cleaning, elimination of solvents, considerable reduction of material wastage through compact form of construction.

Optimization of the process sequence because even complicated moulds can be filled with the aid of electronically variable casting speeds and freely programmable tilting angles of the clamping machines.


APG Production System
(shown above):

Continuous mould-filling process via static mixer with shrinkage compensation unit; clamping machine with upper and lower core pullers; compact arrangement for direct injection.

20 kV lead-through insulated support
produced in the APG process.